I rolled the odometer in my vehicle to 222,222 miles this past week.  I saw the milestone coming and purposely drove down a road that I would be able to stop and take a picture of the odometer—pretty sick, huh?  That SUV has been reliable and faithful since March 8, 2000 (kinda sad that I keep that sort of data in my mind).  For the last ten-and-a-half years, 3929 days to be exact, that Ford has averaged 56.5 miles per day on the original engine and transmission.

Why do I like certain things more than others?  I don’t know, but I do.  I like writing with Number 2 pencils, and Ticonderoga is my favorite brand.  I won’t quit on a good pair of shoes just because they are old, my closet has clothes old enough to have come back into style, and I know the words to more old gospel songs than I should.  I am impressed by durability and longevity in machinery, automobiles and people.  I won’t give up on WordPerfect as the best word processor and I hope it rallies and comes back although I won’t buy the new version when it does (my disdain for Word should be palpable now).  Rarely has newer technology made my world better when it is first implemented.

I don’t like to see movies for the first time, I wish I could see them without the surprises—I have enough reality in my world to counteract having to sit through “entertainment” where my hero dies.

Being an old soul is not a virtue within itself.  Because of my penchant for seasoned things I must surround myself with innovative thinkers and forward-leaning minds.  Together we make a good balance.  They jump too far and too fast into the future, and I move too slowly from the past, so balance is achieved in the middle.

If you lean into the wind and constantly look for the newest, brightest and best, then make sure you have someone in your life that appreciates the past and balances you.  However, if you are a lover of the past and tend to drive forward while looking in the rearview mirror, make sure you have someone who loves the newest, brightest, and shiniest things, with fresh thoughts and ways to help you avoid becoming the walking dead, the unburied mummy.

I’ve got to stop writing because I’ve got to go saddle my mule to ride to church this morning since they are having a whiz-bang, pyrotechnic, multi-light and laser show to go along with the Word, and we need each other.

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  1. Great blog. Developing balance is not easy. Everytime I think I’ve got it, I find that I am leaning to one side. Thanks for sharing. It has blessed me.

  2. Oh!!!! I enjoyed this post so much!! I relate so well. Funny thing is that I might not have taken the time to read it had it not been for the 222,222. This past week Clay’s vehicle also hit that landmark. Knowing my appreciation of such things, he called me. I think he also took a picture. Another association with 222 that he had is that 222 was his number in the military. Thank you for the post and the including the advice on surrounding myself with others that will help me balance. Yes, we need each other. Blessings!

  3. I loved this. I’m sort of an old soul myself, but I’m trying not to become a stick in the mud! That said, some things are worth holding onto.

  4. Pulchritudinous!! And, I learned a new word to boot…penchant: a strong inclination or liking.
    Ticonderoga pencils have the best erasers 🙂

  5. Pulchritudinous!! And, I learned a new word to boot…penchant: a strong inclination or liking.
    Ticonderoga pencils have the best erasers 🙂

  6. Ahhhh. Satisfaction. I was drinking a cup of strong, black coffee while reading this and am not sure which gave me more pleasure. The coffee had a hint of spice, with notes of cedar and syrup, culminating in a fine, aged flavor that sang of experience and time-well-spent.

    This post was like a hand-crafted, Honduras mahogany cabinet, finished to perfection; set in a Frank Gehry building. Each needs the other.

    I wish there were words enough to continue describing how the impact of this understanding is necessary to current church thought and practice.

  7. I'm thinking I'm not here by accident, Pastor Jones. It should be interesting to see why God is leading me by your way. Loved the post.

    Always for the King,
    Jonnie V