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7 Steps of Becoming a Good Steward

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1. Recognize God as the Owner– deal with the spirit of mammon. Mammon uses money to get a hold of people’s hearts and promises everything that only God can provide (Matthew 6:24). Most people think that more money will be the solution to their problems, but statistics show that within two years most people will completely destroy or consume any bonus or raise they receive. That means if you don’t make good stewardship decisions, you will be at the same level of poverty regardless of raises and bonuses.

a. Worry and Anxiety over money only leads to more worry and anxiety. Give it to God because it is His anyway.
b. Money Mismanagement – If you can consistently track expenses it will change the way you think. Most people think they already know what they spend, and they know what their bills are; however, they don’t realize the amount they spend on daily expenses.
c. Consistent Financial Lack – It is a lie to believe that if we just had enough money we would be okay. God believes you can make it on whatever you are making (including tithes). The scriptures say, “He will supply all our needs.” If you aren’t making it on your current income then perhaps you could manage it differently.
d. “I can’t afford it” Mentality – you are saying that God hasn’t given us enough. “Maybe mammon can give it to us.” Instead of saying, “We can’t afford it,” we should say, “We choose not to do it.” That means that we are making good choices for the future and working in union with what God has given us.
e. Impulse Buying – Stops when you have a plan. You should only buy what is in your plan.
f. Stinginess – A fear of tithing is stinginess. Many people give to a one-time request, but fail to receive the blessing of the covenant with God that tithing provides.
g. Greed – The world’s system is designed to create need. Commercials want you to be discontented with what you own.
h. Discontentment – Philippians 4:11-13 teaches that no matter what place of life you are in, you could be content. We must lead this life of contentment by example. Christians should show people how to save, conserve and live well on less than we earn.
i. Bondage of Debt – As long as our focus is on money instead of using it as a tool, we are unable to focus on the main objectives God has called us to do.
j. Exaggerated Emphasis on Money and an Overestimation of its True Power – We must be careful that we don’t let money become an unhealthy topic.

2. Embrace your position as a steward – “How many of us are the main providers in our homes?” Actually, no matter what the world says, none of us are because God is our provider. Contentment comes from knowing that He has given me enough to do what I need to do, and so I steward what He has given me.

3. Put God first in your finances – Anyone with good order can deal with difficult situations using the Biblical way of giving. It is not about the church. It is about the individuals.

4. Manage what you have been given – Manage and create margin so that you can give consistently and not one time or out of guilt/coercion. Financial Peace University and other money management courses are available to all. Many are frustrated because they want to give out of the teaching and scripture; however, they are unable because they are financially inept.

5. Determine your lifestyle – How much is enough? If God increases your income by double in the next two years, what will happen to the excess? The world teaches that the more you have, the more you need. Lock in your lifestyle where God has called you to serve and minister. At some point you draw the line and figure out what is extravagant. This is determined based on location and the people group that God has called you to.

6. Become Financially Free – Eliminate debt. Debt is the number one crippling factor in freedom and peace in finances. It starts with the desire for more and an inability to maintain lifestyle.

7. Build God’s Kingdom – Get to a place where your margin grows. This is a place where what we are making increases and what we need decreases. This space is where we grow the kingdom significantly. If we work hard, we can get to a 20% or 30% or maybe up to a 50% living to giving ratio.

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Comments (7)

  1. Pastor Jones I thank God for sending his messages to me through you Grace saved my life I was a a cross road didn’t know where to turn and one morning I was on my way to work and made a u turn and walked in on something so amazing thank you

  2. Pastor this word was right on time. I thank you so much for speaking truth . God wants to bless so many of us and we are holding him back. God has been talking to me about getting things in order to prepare what he has for us. I believe you were given this word for me . Thank you Jesus for loving me so much. Thank you Pastor Brett for obeying God and loving the word of God. I love Grace!

  3. This was an awesome message this morning. The most important thing that stood out to me was that God cannot move you to the next level until you master this one. Thanks Pastor Brett!

  4. My husband & I are going through a very trying time in our lives! Reaching the age where Corporate America is looking at you & giving you bad reviews for a great job you have done! Been praying for God’s favor & at the same time have been praying for God to bind the Spirits that don’t belong in our lives & release your blessings on our lives as we seek your will for our lives! Your message answered so many of our prayers this week! As always, you seem to know exactly what we need each week! What a blessing you are to us!!!

  5. Pastor Brett,

    This was a great message. Caused me to think about other areas of stewardship as well…how I (we) have to prioritize our time. Who is in control? If God is God and before all else, all these things must line up. Thank you for challenging us.

    I loved the Word you shared this past Wed at Grace on topic of fear. The scriptures were many and it was so on point. Your transparency as you shared was refreshing and I know an encouragement to so many. I used to be bound by a lot of fear in my life and know the sheer sense of panic. Thank God He has released me from that bondage and still reminds me when the enemy wants to hit me up with a dose of it, I know the sword of the Spirit and blood of Jesus is my defense and helper. I thank my Father for His Word that is my guide and that He is an ever present help in times of trouble. He is the Rock higher than I.

    Thank you for the many ways it which you challenge us, Pastor Brett. I have grown so much being at Grace, and look forward to what is ahead as we journey together. Blessings and peace , “to you also”!