A Fresh Sheet of Paper

As far back as I can remember I have always enjoyed opening a new writing book. As a child we had the spiral-bound notebooks filled with white paper and it seemed to me that the horizontal lines gave clear direction where I should place my new thoughts. Even now when I sit and stare at a blank piece of paper I see it as the potential of being the next great thought.
Great thoughts move us from poverty to prosperity.
Great thoughts move us from ignorance to education.
Great thoughts cause us to change our minds, to reevaluate our positions, and to make the best choice. The fresh, crisp paper beckons that I write something new or maybe even something old that is still fresh, still relevant, still true.

And this is the way December 31 and January 1 approach us each year. We are looking forward to January 1 while contemplating where we’ve been on December 31. The new year beckons with all its potential, and we yearn for what can be… What might be… What we want it to be.

Often we hear people say, “I am glad the old year is ending and a new year is starting.” Usually we say that because something has happened in the year we are leaving that we are glad to leave behind. That doesn’t have to be the only reason we’re glad a year is over. I propose we can look forward to January 1 and all that it promises to be regardless if our prior year was good or bad. It seems to be human nature to always look up and away from where we are when we dream for something better. I pray that God gives me the wisdom on this December 31 to thank Him for both opportunities and difficulties that have transpired in 2012, and to look at 2013 as the blank sheet of paper that is waiting for my best ideas, my best thoughts, my best pledges, my best promises, my best actions.

Happy New Year. Now let’s make it so.

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