Grace Church – Liberty, TX

I wish my dad were alive to see this. The dream that he had for his church and his family continue to be fulfilled by the ever amazing grace of God.  This Sunday marks a new beginning for Grace Church because we open our newest campus this Sunday morning at 10 AM in Liberty, Texas!  Grace Church Liberty now exists.

The providence of God led two tall men who share the same first name, Frank, to become friends many years ago.  Franklin Jones pastored in Houston, Texas and Frank Davis pastored in Liberty, Texas. Comrades in arms, they both followed God along parallel paths never knowing that those paths would intersect, but now they have.

Pastor Frank Davis is retiring from the pastorate in Liberty, Texas, and this weekend, Scott Jones, the son of Franklin Jones will preach our first official sermon in the newly established Grace Church Liberty!  What God began joining together many years ago has just now become a reality—let me encourage you to never doubt God – He always has a plan.

Join us in welcoming the people who live in Liberty to the Grace Church family!

Image by Patrick Feller via Flickr.

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  1. God is amazing. When I was spirit-lead to become a member of Grace Church Humble about seven years ago, it never occurred to me that it would include a church campus located in Liberty, TX, the COUNTY SEAT for Dolen, TX, where I was baptized at the age of six, 68 years ago. I look forward to visiting Grace Church Liberty.

  2. We were so honored to be present when Pastor Brett sole the above precious words! The Honor of God on the Grace Church Families has not gone unnoticed… We encourage all our friends in the Liberty TX area to give Grace Church Liberty a visit!

  3. Amazing…i'm sure the Bishop is very proud of how you, scott and the grace team all keep his dreams alive! we miss hearing you both "live"…thank goodness for podcasts!

  4. Kevin and I were so excited to hear about Grace coming to Liberty! We will be visiting! So thankful God has lead yall to Liberty County!

  5. We are thrilled to welcome Grace Church to Liberty and are equally excited about becoming part of the Grace family!