Great Gifts

Choosing gifts for the ones I love is often laborious for me. I love to give, but I am not especially attentive to style and modern culture, so choosing clothing for others as a gift from me is risky…for them. I tend to buy things for myself that are durable, last a lifetime, and don’t need replacing, so when I have to choose something for someone else…it can be dated or made out of brass, and I think it’s grand. I think the most beautiful color is comfortable.

I’ve learned to never tear the tag off of anything I buy so the recipient of my gift won’t have difficulty when (not if) they return it. I decided years ago I wouldn’t get upset because my taste is different from others and the durable item I bought them isn’t to their liking. People love it when I buy them flashlights or tools because they’ll last forever, but somehow that value system isn’t used when buying a shirt or shoes.

Recently I was with some pastors and someone asked another where he got his shirt. I was so glad the conversation went another way from there and he didn’t ask me because I think the one I was wearing came from Tractor Supply, and that doesn’t sound good when one is dealing with glitz, glam and Brother Wonderful. However, I am so glad they do what they do or the world would be pretty dull and monotone. I don’t intend to be this way, it’s just my default and I have to consciously fight it.

Even though I don’t choose gifts well, I have been given some wonderful gifts. The greatest gift I ever received came from James and Jewel Chrestman from North Little Rock, Arkansas on April 18, 1980. That’s the day they gave me their daughter, and without reservation or question, Gizelle is the greatest gift of my life.

My wife is not demanding but she’s not a pushover. Gizelle doesn’t ever make a scene by drawing attention to her, but she isn’t shy and reserved either. I never have to follow my wife around carrying a relationship-fire-extinguisher to put out the fires so many spouses start.

Gizelle is a consummate mother and wife…Happy 33rd anniversary to the love of my life, Gizelle Jones.

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  1. Well said about your clothing style and your wife. By that I do not mean your clothing style is ever dated or lacking it's just not straight from LA, NY, or Paris. It's more straight out of Humble, Lovelady, or maybe Houston if you were feeling real adventurous. Gezelle on the other hand is always classy and cool. She always makes you look good. Congratulations to you both.
    Love you, Mark & Lori

  2. Awe… How sweet. Happy anniversary! I'm sure she will love whatever she gets when she exchanges your gift ;-).

  3. Yes she has been the perfect gift for you….and many of “us” consider her our gift as well. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Hi Pastor Brett and Giselle. it's me Alice Jensen. I think you both know how much my Big George and I love and honor you both. We are so grateful for you genuine love, compassion and especially your leadership.

    Happy Anniversary and may our Holy Father continue to bless you and your entire family in Jesus name!

  5. Pastor Brett and Giz, we love you both and Happy 33rd Anniversry! My husband has similar traits, his default mode for shopping sometimes is Tractor Supply! We appreciate God's variety in this world also.
    Many blessings, Rick and Belinda

  6. Happy Anniversary to one of the finest couples we know. You both are great Godly leaders and we love you dearly. May God bless you with many more wonderful years!

    Mike and Patsy McDonald

  7. Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple! We were bragging to some friends a few days ago about you and Gizelle. I will never forget how y'all helped us during the loss of our "Angel Girl" Danielle. The Murphy's will always love and appreciate y'all.

  8. Happy Thirty-Three years of marriage! Naomi and I celebrate with you on this special day… enduring love sustained as time moves forward!

    {ps…your illustrated sermon Sunday Morning was the BESTEST yet!}