He Didn’t Have To Let Me Live

On Thanksgiving Day 1990 as my truck flipped over and over and careened into a concrete embankment the Lord could have let me slide into eternity so easily. He didn’t have to let me live…but He did, so I am thankful. The painful journey of living through a broken back and a broken neck, and past other broken bones and physical therapy that took months, and the affects of the horrific crash are still felt today—21 years later—He didn’t have to let me live, but I am so thankful He did.

My youngest daughter sleeps on the couch behind me now, a freshman at Sam Houston State University, but she wasn’t even born then. If I would have died the world would not have the gift of my youngest daughter, Carley Jones. He didn’t have to let me live, but I am so thankful He did. My eldest daughter, Kimber, grew to a beautiful woman, married Mike, and teaches children in elementary school, and my son, Casey, grew to marry Kristine, have our precious Ella the Beautiful, and provides for his home working at the church and becoming a currency and financial trader. God didn’t have to let me live to see all this, but I am glad He did.

The accomplishments of my life, the maturation of my marriage to my beautiful Gizelle, the fulfillment of building lives at the Grace Churches, working with the phenomenal people of our staff, observing the growth and development of the pastors with whom I labor—these are all things I would have missed if the wreck and the enemy could have taken me out on Thanksgiving Day 1990.

He didn’t have to let me live, but I am so glad He did. Happy Thanksgiving.

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