Honor Is Gasping For Breath

I want to honor, but honor is gasping for breath. The hills seem all uphill now with no gentle valleys to let honor breathe, and the roads have turned from pavement to rutted dirt preventing the purpose of the road, conveyance of passengers, from accomplishing its mission. The travelers that should be moving along honor’s path have slowed to a trickle and in some places, stopped. The road for honor to travel is weed-filled and treacherous, hiding and harboring enemies of the idea of giving honor the place God commanded.

Today I want to improve a short stretch of the honor highway. August 4 is an important date for me. In fact, August 4, 1900 delivered Dorothy Mae Casey into the home of John Mac and Ella Gann Casey. My world of consciousness stepped one generation farther from the heavens and closer to earth and to me. Dot Casey lived in Lamar County outside of Paris, Texas, and met the poor sharecropper Ira Hobson Jones and they were married in 1918 in a community called Glory. Ira and Dorothy joked that they got married in “glory” and lived in Paris. Ira and Dorothy Jones are my grandparents and my grandmother would be 110 years old today, but she passed to the real glory in 1995 at 94 ½ years of age.

Granny and Pawpaw had thirteen or fourteen children – no one can say for sure and with infant mortality so high in the early 20th century, we just don’t remember or know for sure. What we do know is that my grandparents raised nine children to adulthood and made pretty respectable people out of them all. Their son, Franklin, was born on January 1, 1933, and he is my father and daddy.

Today I honor my Granny Jones who could whistle and hum, sort of a “humistle” throughout her life even in the face of the greatest forms of tragedy. She buried four babies and a husband and her broken heart never stopped beating till God called her home, and her strange form of “humistling” kept her through many periods of dark and lonely times. She was proof positive that broken hearts continue to beat. She sat on her porch and prayed the Jones family to a great place in God.

I want to rescue honor, jumpstart the heart, and give a good shock to the practice of blessing those that have earned the blessing. Surely Dorothy Mae Casey Jones has earned that blessing. I honor you, Granny. Happy Birthday.

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  1. Brett you did a wonderful job of making so many precious memories come to life…..I can hear her now. Oh, what a wonderful sound! I miss it so.

  2. I've had Granny on my mind all day. She was one of a kind that I can only wish to be like. Loved her humistle and her giggle. Miss her so…proud to be her grandaughter. What a heritage we have!

    1. Brett, Wayne and I were talking about Granny this afternoon. It says something for her that her loved ones remember her on her birthday and remember all good things and miss her so much.

  3. Brett, I was so close to Granny, with her living in the backyard. From her calls to bring a bowl and come get some beans or dumplings to lighting her heater every winter. She and I spent some very meaningful time together. A more honest and experienced person about life I have yet to meet. She had the answers or advise for some of the most trying times in my life, all given with love and her belief in God. Brett, I join you. If I made a list of people I would give honor, it would be short. Our Granny would be the first on the list. I sure miss her.

  4. Thanks, Brett….thought about my sweet mother-in-law many times yesterday….she loved me like a daughter. I would like to thank her and her wonderful husband, Ira, for 'making' such an outstanding son, Franklin Garner, the love of my life. Just try to imagine all the good that has come to this world because Ira and Dorothy were such outstanding parents! I'll always love my in-laws – my other parents. Happy Birthday, Mom!

  5. I heard it said one time that the true test of successful parenting is revealed in the character of the grandchildren. If that is true, your Granny was a great lady.

  6. Well said! I have some great memories of Granny Jones, that I will always charish. Happy Birthday Granny, we love and miss you dearly.