If I Could Just Get Those Clothes On

It’s Father’s Day weekend in the USA in a couple of days and the advertisers are in full force vaunting the clothing and cars and electronics that every chic father is in possession of these days. You know, if I could just get to the store and buy those clothes my world would be perfect…

If I could just get those clothes on… then my children will run and jump in my arms and I will spin them around grinning a toothy, perfectly straight, laser-white smile and they will giggle and laugh as the announcer declares my happiness from wearing their garments.

If I could just get those clothes on… and get to the dealership… then the salesman will walk out smiling from the car store and hand me the keys to my dream car and I will drive away with the wind in my hair from the convertible top being down with mountains shimmering in the distance. Of course, in the picture I am thin and tan, and I have a slightly sultry look in my eyes as the announcer declares that the deals offered this Father’s Day is making the manufacturer consider asylum committal so I’d best stop what I am doing and go there…and it’s only financed for 66 months.

If I could just get those clothes on… and walk out on my perfectly manicured, pest-and-weed-free-verdant-green lawn with fabulous neighbors waving wildly at me… then trucks will stop at my house and disgorge hordes of happy people bringing in every conceivable gadget for me to watch movies, play games and have loads of people at my house eating my spectacular party food, laughing and smiling at my good fortune for winning the electronics lottery…and I don’t have to pay these folks a single dime for years if I don’t want to.

If I could just get those clothes on…

SLAM ON THE BRAKES! Screech to a halt in your mind, too. Look around at all you have to be thankful for and realize you don’t need anything else to make you happy. If I were a despicable character and could take away the things and the people you most love, you would be saddened, broken-hearted and inconsolable. All it would take for that to happen is for me to remove things from your life. A theft from the basket of your love would cause deficiency in your soul, and you would mourn.

If by miraculous favor you got it all back…unharmed, unhurt, unchanged, you got everything and everyone you loved deposited back in your life, your heart, and the front and back seat of your car…you would be ecstatic, joy-filled, and thankful. You would be THANKFUL for what you already have.

It’s Father’s Day week…go slip into some slightly worn, very comfortable clothes, knowing that you may not have a razor sharp smile or laser contoured lips, your tummy may be a little more than what is shown on the sculpted model in the ad, your electronics may be a little dated, and your 2004 Taurus may not resemble the showroom convertible that was being handed out freely, but you are a Godly father and a good man. Happy Father’s Day.

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  1. Thanks! Another superb post! We think so much alike . . . this last week-end (in Bayou Gausche, LA) I gained back those six pounds lost during my colonscopy…but guess what? After your post I will not be worrying about it! Happy Fathers Day….Nomi and I send our LOVE
    Guy Worsham