It Came On A Midnight Clear

Tonight is Christmas Eve—we honor tomorrow as the birth date of Jesus, but with storms in our area the skies are anything but clear in Houston tonight.  The shepherds are to have seen the star on a clear night and thus began a journey leading them to Jesus.  The clear night helped them follow the signs correctly.  We, too, need some clarity—we need a holy wind to blow everything inconsequential away so we can see clearly.

Let us clearly see our dependence on Jesus.  He’s not a great addition to “church,” He is the reason for our existence.  As Bishop Joseph Garlington sings, “We can’t do nothing ‘til He comes,” and I don’t want to try.

Let us see clearly our need for heart-connecting worship.  Gathering together for a good jam session is fun and I love it, but if the music and song don’t lead me to Jesus then I am only culturally impacted.  I need my heart to ache for what God’s heart aches for, and I need my heart to rejoice in worship with the same things that God rejoices about.

Let us see clearly that 2011 needs to be the greatest year of spiritual conversions in history.  The manger means nothing if we don’t use it to lead people to Calvary.  I am praying for thousands, tens of thousands to be saved in 2011.

He came on a midnight clear…O God, come again, clearly.

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Comments (4)

  1. Thank you for this Pastor. I love Christmas and everything about it. However the older I get, the more I realize that nothing beats time spent in His presence. O' I want to see Him, look upon His face! There to sing forever of His precious, wonderful, awesome amazing grace…

    He has everything we need. Have a lovely Sunday morning.

  2. In all my learning, I hope I have learned best, that clarity is paramount. Information is important, but with clarity comes wisdom.

    Thank you, Pastor Brett for once again ringing the mission bell of truth.

  3. Your phrase "…then I am only culturally impacted." makes a powerful statement. There is so much more to Christmas than a cultural activity. We must experience it before we can share it. Great blog. Thanks for sharing.