Justin Jones

Five years ago today my young cousin, Justin Jones, slipped from his earthly life into his spiritual life when he passed away unexpectedly from an aneurysm. Men aren’t supposed to die that young, but many men live such tepid lives that they never live, either young or old. Justin crammed a lot of living into 30 years

I miss Justin and so many wonderful things about him, but today I choose to celebrate his life. His beautiful daughter, Madison, has so many characteristics of her father that I often feel that Justin is still with us. Her beautiful smile, her mischievous look, and her never ending barrage of questions all remind me of her daddy. I commend Misti, Justin’s wife, for keeping Justin’s influence and significance in the vital parts of Madison’s training and life.

There are many young adults today who will say that Justin’s influence in their lives was tremendous and noteworthy. He lived openly and showed all of us how to trust God. Like the Apostle Paul, Justin’s life was a living epistle known and read of all men. I honor the memory and the legacy of Justin Jones.

Justin Jones
September 10, 2013

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  1. I loved Justin so much and really miss him. He was a remarkable young man….and he lives on in his little daughter, Madison. She reminds me so much of Justin in her actions. Justin, you went way too soon, but you will always be alive in our memories.

  2. Hard to believe that it has been five years. I met Justin at TBC in Houston and was impacted by his life! His love for the word of God and box breaking techniques forever stand out in my mind! A man who lived his life defying the cookie cutter mentality and craving for the true and deep things of God! Miss you Justin Jones!!! Praying blessings on your beautiful little Madison….. -Juan Herrera

  3. It is hard to believe five years have come and gone. He lives on every day through Madison's looks, actions, and spirit. He will forever be missed. Thank you for remembering him in the way that you did.