Lessons From A Preschooler

My granddaughter just taught me another lesson. Bouncing in to my room to deliver some clippers, she handed them to me and I noticed that she had Sponge-Bob band-aids on both thumbs. I began to wail and carry-on like her arms had been cut off with a machete. I lamented that she had hurt herself and that she shouldn’t do that to her best thumbs and generally went pseudo-berserk to get the attention of my four-year-old granddaughter. She kept trying to interject something into my tirade of whining and crying and blubbering about her poor defenseless thumbs but I was louder than anything she was trying to interpose.

Finally she dramatically hollered, “Pops! Stop it! Listen to me!” and I stopped my fake crying and sniffled. She then said, “Pops, sometimes you get hurt in life; you just have to get over it.”

Ah, the lesson from Ella Jones, four years old. Sometimes you get hurt in life; you just have to get over it. I know that sounds too simple, but it really is the same if you go to a therapist and spend hours and dollars or if you let a child tell you, sometimes you get hurt in life; you just have to get over it.

So to your last husband or girlfriend who trashed your feelings, to your boss and the injustices that arose from there, to your unfaithful mate that you still deeply love but no longer trust, to your view of the ministry that some pastor somewhere shattered, to your business partner who lied and took all your money and now you start over at 45, to the grave that took your heart with your loved one, to your children who make choices that tear your heart out, to the mate that never materialized and now you are mid-life and single, to the million other hurts that can lodge in our hearts – take a lesson from Ella. Sometimes you get hurt in life; you just have to get over it.

Jesus said we could cast our burdens on Him. That means we won’t carry them anymore—He will. I would rather submit my will to Christ and follow Him than to carry burdens beyond my capacity throughout life. I think Ella was right. Yes, I have been hurt in life, but I am just going to get over it.

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  1. Brett – Amazing.

    Yesterday you sent an email regarding HAS interfaith chapel board meeting date, quick and simple, I commented and went on never noticing the link at the bottom. Today I'm cleaning out the email file (delete, delete, delete) and I happen to open the email again and the link is catches my eye.

    This is great. I too can learn from a preschooler and more important to cast some burden. Thank you