Me and the Sparrows

There I was…sitting on Question Mountain staring out over the I-Don’t-Know Valley wondering if I had made God mad.  I texted Him and got no response, so I called every number I had for God and got no answer.  The email I sent to God was returned with a message called “Daemon Return” which sounded so close to “Demon Return” I wasn’t sure if the message had gone north or south when it left my computer.

So I got my last carrier pigeon and prepared to put a note on his leg and shoo him out to go find God and let Him know I was still alive, but while I was reaching for the pigeon I saw something flitting about in the bushes close to my window.  I wasn’t sure at first, but then I recognized the sparrow.  What a small bird!  They are about 4 ½ inches long and weigh about 28 grams, so it would take 16 sparrows to weigh a pound which means I am 4080 sparrows in weight.  Sparrows are everywhere since there are more than 35 species of sparrows and they number in the billions.  That’s right – billions.  In fact, there are twice as many sparrows in the United States as all the songbirds combined.

I stood there with my imaginary carrier pigeon that I was sending to find God to let Him know I needed Him, and God showed Himself to me as I was looking at that tiny sparrow.  I know how God feels about sparrows.  In Matthew 10, Jesus comforted His disciples by telling them that a single sparrow cannot fall to the ground without God knowing about it.  Wow.  God takes census on the sparrows and he knows the sparrow population of the world, not just annually, monthly or weekly.  God counts them every minute to know how many are flying and how many are falling.  And then in verse 31 Jesus said, “So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.”

Even if I feel alone, God knows where I am.
If I can’t find God, He can find me.
I have trouble remembering where I put things, God counts the sparrows and knows them.
And he thinks I am more valuable than them.
Me and the sparrows…and God.

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  1. What a BLESSING! Even at Eighty God knows exactly where I am…and I am so BLESSED to be nudged by Him….sometimes daily. .. WOW! I believe I just felt that nudge…..PTL!

  2. What a timely and clear reminder of the presence of God! There have been times when I've had a memory lapse. I'll have to remember the sparrows in those times of uncertainly and lack of direction. God has such creative ways of getting our attention.

  3. AMEN!!! Your Cave sermon spoke the same principle to me! What a beautiful reminder that it’s okay to be alone, so we can be focused on Him truly in His sweet fellowship, even if it is intensely quiet and still. I think we’ve gotten too used to movement that in stillness we feel uneasy or insecure.
    Praying you enjoy your intense stillness with/in Him and may He surround you with friends willing to bring a mat to you and lift you to the Father!!! I asked God to bring me some and He did!!!! Praise Him!! Sweet Savior and Faithful Friend and Father!!!

  4. The simplicity of this truh is it’s profundity. God, help me to remember this reality. Pastor Brett, once again you pull back the complicating clutter and reveal truth. Thanks!

  5. Thank God and you for this. While sitting at my desk the other day I looked out the window and there where birds in the tree. This makes me believe God was checking on me when I needed him the most. Be Blessed

  6. I could hear in his voice how happy he was to be holding the bird and he diagnosed it with a sprained wing. He said it seemed stunned. We talked for awhile longer and he said he was going to take "chirpity chirp" back to his cell. The next day when I talked to him he described how the bird got much better over night, its wing was ok and he thinks it may have just flown into a window outside the building and was stunned. He fed it bread from his tray. Other juvenile inmates in the maximum security prison came in to see it. Brett said it would only let him pet it though. Eventually at the end of the day they let it go, it went off to freedom. But for a day it made Brett so happy and he got to take care of it and observe it and he really loved that.. It uplifted him and made him feel human.

    Thanks for the inspirational story. As insignificant as Brett is, chunked off by society, the lowest of the low, erased from society, treated every day like a dog, he still counts as the sparrow counts too, the lowly, common, abundent sparrow. Brett, the sparrow and God, it makes my heart sing.

  7. It reminds me of a sparrow story that crossed my path recently from a boy serving lwop in MS since barely age 15. His name is also Brett Jones. It was over the prison phone, me in Chicago, him in Mississippi. Suddenly the phone dropped and he was gone. I knew this because I heard the phone hitting the wall as it swung back and forth on the metal cord. He soon came back all excited. He said he had a bird in his pants. At first I thought he was up to his humorous boyish shenanegans. He soon confirmed it was indeed a bird and to get it in he had to conceal it in his pants. Another inmate had brought it in from the rec yard because it appeared to be injured. As we talked It sat in Brett's warm hand as he calmed it down, petting and softly whispering to it to go to sleep. He said it looked like a tiny finch. As he described it to me further I said I thought it sounded more like a sparrow. He quickly agreed that it looked more like a sparrow