My Wife Is Good And Not So Good

October 18, 2010 is a good day.  Today I celebrated the 50th birthday of my best friend, my wife, Gizelle.  Few people I know have invested their lives as fully as she.  There are many things in which my wife is really good, and there are a few things in which she is not so good.

1.    She is good at caring for people.  More than a few folks have seen her pull up to their house with a trunk full of food when they were hungry or sick.

a.    Gizelle is not good at hate.  Although she has plenty of reason to hate some folks, she just doesn’t.  I tell her she is missing a great opportunity, but she just forgives them.

2.    She’s good at being a mother.  Her children won the motherhood lottery because she is going to take care of them—no matter what—when they were little and now that they are grown.  And our granddaughter has no idea just how far MamaGiz will go for her.  She is not just good to our kids, she’ll be good to your kids if you let her.

a.    Gizelle is not good at demanding things.  You have to really press her to get her to tell you what she wants…maybe she just doesn’t want that much.  It is highly likely that her selfish bone was surgically removed by God.

3.    She is good in the kitchen.  That girl could heat up a Red Wing boot and it would taste good.

a.    Gizelle is not so good at taking small suitcases or just a few things on vacation.  No, sir-ee, we have pulled U-Haul trailers on more than one vacation, so we finally bought our own—it was cheaper than renting.
b.    Now, granted, you’ll need nothing while you are gone since we leave nothing at home, but…I’m just saying…

4.    She is good at being a Christian.  There is no fakery in this girl.  She reads the Word, studies feverishly, and genuinely loves the Lord.

a.    She’s a pathetic Pharisee.  She always gives people the benefit of the doubt.  It’s pretty irritating at times, too.

5.    She is a perfect mate for me.

a.    And there is no part of this in which she is bad.

I thank God for her parents, James and Jewel Chrestman, and I thank them for raising such a beautiful girl.  She’s been on this planet for 50 years, and she’s been in my heart for 32 years, and she’s been on my arm as my wife for 30 years.  I bless her on this momentous birthday.

Now she’s going to have to get off my arm right now because it’s going to sleep…

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