Right Where I Left It

Here was the scenario yesterday.

Sermon for Wednesday night Bible study had been tweaked and polished.  Multiple entries over many days were all in place, study had been concluded, thoughts honed to a razor sharp edge…all that was left to do was to save it to a PDF and send it via email to my iPad for display at service on Wednesday night.

Alrighty, then.  “I hope the iPad is charged sufficiently,” I say to myself.  Now where is the iPad?  Briefcase…nope.  Oh, yeah, that’s right, it’s in the travel case…nada.  In the black briefcase? No, sir-ee.  In the pull Tumi case for on-the-road travel…nothing.  OK, a little jittery now…in the office? In the bedroom?  In my home office?  No, no and no.

Now I’m in a major panic.  I need it for church, but more than that, I need it.  Where is it?  Obviously, I left it somewhere…duh…but where?  Time for a retracement of steps:  last seven days—five airports in four states.  I fill out reports for lost items for the airlines…one hour’s worth of work…recalling every flight number from Arizona, Texas, New Jersey and Maine.

In the car now riding to Grace Church Garden Oaks with Gizelle, I ask, “Where is the last place you saw me use that iPad, Babe?”  We decide it was Arizona at a hotel during a pastor’s meeting.  I email my trusty daughter and Kimber contacts the hotel in Flagstaff.  It’s there.  The iPad is found.  Where?  Right where I left it.

While I was frantic the iPad was safe behind a desk at a hotel awaiting my awakening.  It was never lost.  It was right where I left it.

Just like the love that I fly away from…it’s right where I left it.
My passion…it’s right where I left it.
My health…it’s right where I left it.
The productive schedule instead of the stupid one…it’s right where I left it.
My personal communion with the Lord…it’s right where I left it.
The deeper, more meaningful relationship with God…it’s not lost…it’s right where I left it.

Tomorrow my iPad begins a trek with UPS to get back in my grimy, forgetful mitts.
Today I will return to some things that are right where I left them.

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  1. I went back, to find out where I left my "Unexplainable – (me hurting) God"
    and when I went back…..It didn't hurt so much. Because,,,,,other people in my life are hurting too, I pray God give me a strength to use me as a conduit for His love, for His purpose. Always unity, always love.

  2. I couldn't find my remote the other day and nearly tore the place apart looking I was so frustrated. After putting my spouse and kid through a wonderful (not) time of ranting and raving about WHAT IN THE WORLD HAD THEY DONE WITH MY REMOTE I finally let it go and got a new one from Wal-Mart. Good thing too, because they told me if I didn't stop I'd end up with or without my remote all alone. Yikes!