Settle Down

Settle down.

That’s right. Settle down. You are going to put yourself in a hive. The situation may be bad and terrifying, but letting your imagination and emotions run wild will only increase the intensity of what is happening. You are going to make the situation worse by injecting all your angst and fear into what is already a very tense situation. So settle down.

Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. God is not sick. He doesn’t have a cold. He is not suffering with the flu. He is still on the throne. He’s still God no matter how you feel. And He isn’t scared. Settle down.

Just ask the disciples – Jesus knows how to sleep through the storms because He knows how to settle them. While the disciples are sea sick and scared, Jesus is snoring in sleep. They are looking for cargo to throw overboard and He was looking for a pillow to lie down with. What are you looking for? More drama or the solution? Settle down.

That’s right. I am talking to you. Cease and desist, stop the histrionics and drama. More uncontrolled energy into the situation is not going to help anything. If you are jumping and scared and loud and wailing, you’ll not hear the voice of God when He speaks to the storm. Check your palms. If there are no nail prints then you aren’t Jesus. So settle down and listen to Him and quit listening to your uncontrollable fears.

That’s it. Settle down.

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  1. Between this reminder to “settle down” and your incredible message FACEDOWN on podcast…are any other reminders necessary…THANKS Pastor Brett!

  2. Thank you Pastor Jones! God knows this was for me, cause I would like to say that I accidentally navigated myself into your blog, but I know it was no accident!

  3. Pastor Brett, you always seem to be right on what is going on. God seems to always give you just the right thing to say at the right time. I do know that THINGS are always going on in peoples lives and our Bible proves that it has already happened…no matter what it is. Thanks for your always on time message showing how we can better handle it. I vow to do much more FACEDOWN. I am new to Grace and find myself so happy to get there on Sunday morning(s). I continue to try to live until God says I will die. Thank you.

  4. Pastor Brett, I can see that you have been continuing in your sermons the thoughts that you are presenting here. Yesterday's 8/1/2010 sermon was aimed right at me on a couple of fronts. And the altar call of the 3rd service shows that a huge number of others were struck in just the same way. I, for one, certainly can use a room called "peace" in my life and home right now. It might be small, but I am starting today to rebuild it!!