The Attention to Details

My world is filled with great, competent people and Mike Acosta, Missions Pastor and Children’s Pastor at Grace Churches is one of the great ones.  He found an article in the Harvard Business Review (yes, pastors can read…even articles and blogs like this that are produced by Harvard) by Dan Pallotta that speaks clearly to the success and destruction of work like we do.

The success of a project is often in the details.  The advertisement that tells you about the product is loud and flashy, but the contractual agreement on how you will pay for the house is in the details.  We often call it the “fine print,” and it is likely those small details and their completion is what speaks to the follow-through on a project.

I have asked every member of our pastoral leadership, our administrative team and our pastors to read this article.  Then I want them to do more than pass on it, but I wish for each of them to make critical checklists that parallel the lesson learned.

Thanks to Mike Acosta for finding this gem.  I would wager that the angel, Gabriel, will not have to hunt his trumpet when the Lord tells him to sound it…that detail has been covered.

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