The Power of Friends, Laughter and Joy

Since He is God, it is ultra-safe for us to acknowledge Jesus was never at a loss for words to express His deepest, most heartfelt intentions. As God, all words would be at His command and He would never struggle with a desire locked away due to an inability to express the words. So our assumption that His choice of words to express His deepest love is succinctly found in His admission, “Greater love has no man than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. You are my friends… (John 15:13-14a). The God of the universe chose to show His “no greater love” thought by expressing His friendship, which is a pretty strong advocacy for the possession of good friends.

Tonight I sat with new friends and old friends, recent friends and life-long friends. I introduced some and was introduced to others. We laughed at the end of the evening, and we cried earlier in the evening, but we relaxed and enjoyed all the evening. A friend is a treasure, a hard-to-find gem, both titillating your senses and sharpening your laughter.

Laughter. So many of us have buried our laughter under mountains of responsibilities, hordes of duties, endless deadlines and other stuff. We are so rusty at laughter we scarce notice it’s been dormant till it’s stale and gone. When we laugh with friends, we find the needed lubrication of the soul, a sense of gaiety and sublime connection that happens when your circumstances lose the battle to keep you gloomy and despondent. Laughter brightens the day.

The brilliant courtroom attorney must have known this because he records in his book, Isaiah 12:3 “Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.” When we drink of salvation, we should draw the rope up with joy and gladness in our hearts. Friends seem to make that easier.

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  1. Friends are important. Our church left a certain denomination 4 years ago. My husband is a pastor and.we.sorely miss the fellowship. We feel so alone. We truly need fellowship. Please pray

  2. Suzie- You should consider Global Network of Christian Ministries. Great men and women that value friendship and fellowship. Many have a background similar to yours. The International Conference is coming up starting this Monday in Humble, TX. You should check it out.

    God bless!

  3. Great stuff Brett…He always treated me as a son…never just son-in-law…He was the Grace giver long before it was a popular theme in churches like ours…a man for all seasons…love us all…was so proud our you and Scott and Patti…We will drink from his memory for a lifetime…as one man wrote, Death may end life, but never love…GB..RD