The Symptom of Travel

So here I am sitting in my hotel room in Chicago looking through the Guest Information Guide and find a section called “Forget Something? It’s A Symptom of Travel,” and my mind begins to race.

The symptom of travel is forgetfulness. Traveling takes away the familiar and pushes us into the terminal of the unknown. In the rush of leaving for the airport something that is valuable to the trip gets misplaced; the symptom of travel. Hurrying through the terminal trying to satisfy the ever-changing TSA regulations and the random rules applied differently at each city…and you pat your pockets down looking for your passport; the symptom of travel. Realizing that your overnight toiletries suitcase is neatly packed and sitting at the foot of your bed at home while you are standing in the airport is a symptom of travel.

We are specifically told by the unknown writer of Hebrews that we are pilgrims and strangers on this earth, time-travelers going forward toward a heavenly city whose architect is the craftsman of the universe. We are travelers and forgetting something is a symptom of travel. Don’t forget that part of this joy is the journey, not just the destination.

Remember the day you set your spiritual GPS for God’s heavenly city? You found out your ticket was paid for at an altar. You packed your bags with gratitude and thankfulness, and then cleared customs by learning how to walk with God and to take on His attributes. You passed through security and got rid of anything that could be used as a weapon to hurt yourself or others. You’re a grace-walker. You are on your way!

And then life happens.

And suddenly the excitement of the trip suffers the symptom of travel; you forget something and now you no longer remember the joyful anticipation of making this journey. You are stuck in the depot of depression and can’t remember the maps you pored over to choose the best way.

I suggest you stop. Take a deep breath. Tell your soul to calm down. Being overworked and overwrought is not going to answer anything. Remember: there is always one more thing you can do. Find that one thing and do it.

You aren’t lost. You have just suffered the symptom of travel. Forget something?

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  1. Ahh, good stuff. As a fellow Pilgrim who at times forgets his toiletries in this Journey-your thoughts are timely. Be Blessed.