Three Things I Know For Good Success

Here’s a good plan for success:

• Read, read, read
• Listen, listen, listen
• Hush, hush, hush

Read, read, read.  If you don’t read then you won’t know—period.  A man who WON’T read has no advantage over a man who CAN’T read.  Read everything and almost anything.  Stretch your mind, and stretch your vocabulary.  “Well,” some say, “I just don’t like reading.”  You need to fix that.  Read.

Listen, listen, listen.  You can learn from people because you listen.  If I listen to you tell me that the road on which I travel is destroyed and I stop before I have a catastrophe, then listening saves me.  Listen to teachers, listen to smart people, listen a little to idiots (so you’ll know what NOT to do), listen to children, listen to the people you love, and listen to God.  Listen.

Hush, hush, hush.  For your sanity you should hush.  Dad would tell me, “Son, it’s OK to have an opinion, just don’t tell anyone.”  Just close your mouth and quitting running it all the time.  Another great word from Franklin Jones, “Don’t ever pass up a good chance to shut up.”  We dig deep holes with our mouths.  Remember the scriptural mantra –it’s the word FITLY spoken that is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.  Not every word—just the ones fitly spoken.  So hush.

Read, listen, and hush.

Class dismissed.

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  1. In our classroom I have a quote permanently posted on the board, "If you want to be heard, you must listen first." It's referenced on a regular basis.

    Now then, I read, I listened, but I can't hush on this one…. are they "pictures" of silver or "pitchers" of silver? Just asking. 😉